FEB Update Folks :)

FEB Update Folks :)

Handmade Wax Melts , Made in Nottinghamshire Uk 

WHY UP NORF when i'm technically in the east midlands , My initial customer base in 2015 was in London Hence the up NOrf 

  • Only The Best Ingredients , from the best Sources 
  • Fully Loaded Fragrances
  • Usa Imported Fragrance (discontinuing this range when gone its gone )
  • UK s Finest fragrant Oils and Colors
  • Wax Sourced from manufacturer UK


RE-Stocking weekly Follow me on instagram 


or facebook 


to grab the drops as they land

Free Shipping from £30 UK orders.

Coming Soon :- custom orders welcome as ever , 

I have made loads of melts recently all loaded at wax capacity 10 % plus 

in the following waxes , 

Kerrax Pillar , all the golden waxes , british melt blend , High performance melt blends 

Why ? Because i'm curious i love to try new things !! I am also emptying workshops so i can paint , my other passion when i get round to it lmao and view to reload all the latest lines for next xmas. so all wax utilised i had collected over the years , and will be available in selection boxes and tubs etc.

most people just message and say can you send £20 - £1000 selection 

you know who you are :) I love my customers who have been on the journey so far 

Since the facebook hack thing i still am banned from advertising so social media went by the wayside but i'm back in a fashion i intend to be more visible this year .


so i have took the melts off line and will relist with details of wax ie snappable , or scoopable  all the jargon lololol check back next couple of days , Are you still using your owl burner ? check out the new ones there wicked 

in a bit caz :)

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