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Nottinghamshire Honey and filtered wax

Nottinghamshire Honey and filtered wax

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  • Our Honey is from a traditional, small-scale beekeeper who does not use practices common to 'factory farmed' honey production - like not leaving the bees with any honey and giving them antibiotics.

    The hives are kept on a Solar Farm surrounded by Forest and open countryside in the middle of Nottinghamshire in Robin Hood Country.

  • Honey that is minimally processed - just coarse filtered to remove debris and not pasteurised, which would harm the beneficial properties and flavour.

  • Honey that is higher in the naturally beneficial qualities because it is raw and untreated

    It's important to note that because this is raw honey it does crystallise after a while, unlike the pasteurised, highly filtered honey found in supermarkets, which stays runny for a very long time.


    This is natural and should be expected with really raw honey.

    Although in the UK it is difficult to define raw honey the above gives you an idea of what you should expect.

    When available our Heather Honey is from the same Beekeeper who takes the bees on holiday to Beeley Moor at Chatsworth Derbyshire where they gather nectar from the Chatsworth Heather. 

    Heather Honey is considered to be the Champagne of Honey and tastes delicious.

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