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Sentiment Collection - Electric Wax Burners By Aroma

Sentiment Collection - Electric Wax Burners By Aroma

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Various Designs - We apologise for any offence caused by the wording on these products 

Electric Wax Melt Burners by Aroma Uk

Sentiment Collection Ceramic Wax burners , 

size 14cm

Ideal Tongue in Cheek Gifts  for Any Occasion or maybe light up your mood call it self preservation 

AR1549 - Kiss My A.......

AR1550 - You Dont Know Sh......

AR1551 - Go F..... Yourself 

AR1552 - Lifes a Bitch and so are You 

AR1553 - Love is the Light of life 

Ar1554 - Let Your Light Shine 

AR1555 - It Starts with a Dream 

AR1556 - Dream Big , Sparkle More , Shine Bright 

 The units are ceramic with a pearlescent finish , no bowl complete unit 

remove the wax with a cotton wool ball once cooled a little or let cool and carefully remove the old wax melts whole depending on the wax melts they all perform differently depending on wax blends used ask your vendor 

RRP £19.99

these are run by a pygmy bulb unit that unclips below the burner unit 

The bulbs in these are 25 watt ,  E14 



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